Webinar: How to accelerate your digital transformation by  embedding predictive maintenance technology into your service platform

Where: Available on demand now

In this webinar, join our panel of experts who discussed:

  • How to use your existing data to automate business processes and predict required maintenance
  • Embedding a proven technology to gain full insight to the operational behavior of your assets/machines on a large scale
  • Extend the vision from your production to the benefit of your end customers. 
  • Steps to increase service level coverage to your end-customer assets while creating new aftermarket service revenue streams for the company. 



Dr Christopher Smith, Condition Monitoring Implementation Lead, Senseye

Chris started his career completing a PhD in wind turbine reliability, investigating the impact of local wind conditions on maintenance opportunities, and predicting the degradation of power electronic components within the drive train, receiving further research funding and industrial backing.

He subsequently joined Network Rail in asset management and maintenance analyst roles and was heavily involved in the digitization of level crossing inspections through remote condition monitoring in a safety critical environment. Chris has since deployed Senseye’s technology in the automotive, metals & mining, FMCG and paper & pulp sectors.

Rita Hienekamp portrait

Rita Hienekamp, President, Endowance

Rita has been in software development for over 25 years. She has worked for some of the top software companies like Siebel and Oracle. During her career, Rita has developed a strong skillset resulting in starting Endowance Solutions in 2007. She is focused on Product Management and Development of unique products in areas where no other products have been developed. Under her guidance, OneOffice Duet360 for IIoT has led to recognition by Gartner and a strong partnership with Senseye.  

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