Achieve and maintain your sustainability targets

Industrial operations are highly complex processes that balance risk to the company, customers, people, and the environment. The need to efficiently manage critical resources and energy means that your focus on safe and sustainable operations has never been more important.

Sustainability in manufacturing means ensuring that your production assets are operating at peak efficiency, without wasting energy, damaging the environment or enlarging your carbon footprint. Finding ways to continually measure and demonstrate this is business-critical. Senseye is designed to help you target and improve your sustainability metrics.

increase in machinery efficiency

Energy consumption kept efficient

Machinery running in a degraded state typically uses more energy and reduces potential output. Senseye helps to overcome this by automatically detecting degradation and predicting machine health issues, so repairs can be made without efficiency dropping.

increased maintainer productivity

Carbon footprint, size small

Using AI to remotely monitor your machines cuts down on the need for manual inspections and the travel they require. Senseye PdM’s advanced automated analysis can give a warning up to six-months in advance of component failure, ensuring that parts don’t need to be expensively sent across the world.

increase in asset lifetime

Sweat your assets, not your CAPEX

Have the confidence to get more out of your machines, Senseye PdM extends machine lifetime by using AI to automatically calculate and predict component Remaining Useful Life so your teams have the confidence to get more productivity from your investments and replacement only happens as a last-resort.

reduction in inventory and waste

Reduced waste and inventory

Unused inventory is a waste of resource, holding a large stock of spares is unnecessary with Senseye PdM to accurately predict failure months in advance. Having this information lets you reduce the amount of spares kept and reduces waste and spoilage from malfunctioning machines.

Unavoidable emissions offset

Senseye’s commitment to lowering global industrial carbon emissions goes beyond its AI-powered software and strong focus on remote-working. We additionally offset unavoidable emissions by supporting an internationally recognized climate protection project in Brazil and are committed to further reducing our carbon footprint moving forwards.

Did you know?

of direct carbon emissions is due to the manufacturing industry in the US
or 880m tons of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe are due to industrial processes and industrial energy use
of UK manufacturers have already taken steps towards reaching the net zero target
Learn more about the many ways that real-time data can support business outcomes, leveraging AI-powered industrial analytics to drive reductions in key sustainability targets. Download our free report ‘The Challenges of Sustainability in Manufacturing and the Role of Industry 4.0’.
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