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Senseye has published a 6-part series of online films in which manufacturing and digital transformation experts explore major trends affecting large-scale manufacturers and how the most progressive companies are adapting to them.

This series will explore topics including the rise of predictive maintenance, how legacy industrial facilities are being transformed into smart factories, the changing nature of maintenance management roles, and how real-time manufacturing data and AI are being harnessed to improve reliability and productivity.

Expert commentary is provided by Dr. Hannah Edmonds of the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Make UK’s Jim Davison, and Peter Gagg from MCP Consulting Group, as well as Senseye’s Chief Global Strategist Alexander Hill and Chief Technology Officer Rob Russell. All of the interviews were recorded remotely via webcam due to Covid lockdown restrictions in the UK.

The 4th industrial revolution provides the opportunity to obtain huge amounts of real-time data from manufacturing processes, and the potential for almost every surface to be transformed into a sensor for data collection. But does this data provide the knowledge digital teams need?

How do manufacturing and other industrial organisations move from traditional, scheduled maintenance to proactive, PdM? Where to begin? What are the different stages in the journey, from the initial business case and design stage, through to data readiness, cultural adoption, and scaling?

What are the pitfalls that cause predictive maintenance projects to fail and how do you avoid them? How do you ensure teams acquire the condition monitoring expertise and appropriate ‘best practice’ for predictive maintenance as part of wider digital transformation projects?

Industrial organisations are going through a rapid period of digital transformation, with renewed interest in IoT, data collection, and smart analytics to drive more informed decisions. With increased emphasis on PdM, how are roles changing?

While the smart benefits of smart factories are widely recognized, few organisations are building them from scratch. The majority of manufacturers seeking to become smarter are starting the journey with legacy sites and diverse machine environments.

With increased emphasis on predictive maintenance seen as one of the major trends that will dominate manufacturing in 2021 and beyond, how should manufacturers start to tackle the challenge of assessing and responding to machine health insights?

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