For Equipment Distributers and OEMs

Servitization changes everything: improving your customer interaction, relationships, and increasing transparency around how your equipment is really performing and being used in the field.

Servitization can only work with truly scalable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance as part of the solution. Senseye allows OEMs to create new Product-As-a-Service offerings and optimize their use of maintenance resources and spares.

Senseye automates advanced machine learning to enable condition monitoring and diagnostics, as well as enabling prognostics – predicting  the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of your machines and equipment installed on customers’ sites with proven scalability. This allows you to focus on delivering exceptional products and strengthening your customer relationships.

Using Senseye to automatically analyze attention required on machines on a global scale, OEMs are able to predict when and what maintenance is needed, scheduling remedial work before problems impact the end user, ensuring a high standard of quality, throughput and uptime.

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Remote monitoring

From one machine to thousands, Senseye allows you to remotely monitor of your assets that your customers depend upon. Senseye is machine agnostic, covering all of your machines, not just those that are critical or of high value.

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Cost Effective

Senseye is sold as Software as a Service (SaaS), with a scalable pricing model and a Return On Investment (ROI) of typically less than 4 months.

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Time to value

With a supported data connection, deployment is near-instant and actionable results start to be delivered within 14 days, allowing your service team to diagnose and resolve equipment problems in real-time.

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Specialists not required

Senseye is Operations Technology (OT), designed to automate the analysis of detection, diagnostics and prognostics to give accurate and useful machine attention index insights for the team on the shop floor.

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Senseye delivers proven results

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improvement in downtime forecasting accuracy
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reduction in unplanned machine downtime
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increase in maintenance staff productivity
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reduction in maintenance costs

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