Senseye takes machine condition and operations data from your factory historian, IoT middleware or database solutions. There is no need to add any hardware or install anything on-site.

Trusted by Fortune 500 industrial companies, Senseye™ is the leading cloud-based product for Predictive Maintenance 4.0. It is used by maintenance teams to half unplanned downtime and increase maintenance efficiency, saving money by using proprietary machine-learning algorithms to automatically forecast machine failure and remaining useful life, achieving a typical ROI of less than 3 months.

Like all good Industry 4.0 / Industrial IoT software, Senseye is designed to integrate seamlessly and provide maximum value by leveraging your existing investments. It focuses on automatically delivering advanced Predictive Maintenance insights in an easily understandable manner.

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Collect Key Data


Accelerometers or high precision condition monitoring equipment monitor the machine vibrations

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Changes in pressure and flow can indicate a number of different failure modes in process equipment

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Modern drive units can capture torque readings that can indicate early signs of failure

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Information is collected from the PLC (no additional hardware needed) or via retrofit sensors that the customer might attach

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Collect Remaining Data

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Operational Data

Machine Specs

Historical Performance

Other Machine Data

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Senseye Automated Machine Health Calculation

Automated Prognostics

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Proprietary machine agnostic algorithms characterize and learn from machine failures to provide Remaining Useful Life for any asset type, automatically and without any bespoke model development.

Dynamic time warping

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Senseye can automatically account for time differences of various machine measurements, fitting them into a coherent single timeline.

Automated Optimisation, Evaluation & Selection

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Senseye has developed a proprietary framework to automate the process of selecting, optimizing and tuning complex machine learning algorithms.

Fleet clustering

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Machines with similar behaviours are evaluated together to better understand potential abnormalities and changes.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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Advanced machine learning algorithms, developed by Senseye from the ground up, provide effective and accurate detection, diagnostic, prognostic and health calculations for any machine type and at large scale.

Machine ontologies

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The system understands the concept of assets and machines as collections of assets, ensuring that machine health and prognostics is correctly reported.

Insights and Alerts

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