Senseye Predictive Maintenance software

All factory machinery needs to be maintained regularly to ensure optimal performance. But most maintenance agreements are based on service-interval schedules, a preventative and reactive approach that doesn’t take actual usage into account, and which does little to prevent unplanned downtime.

Predictive Maintenance, however, is a more proactive approach. Analyzing the huge volumes of available machinery data gives you a better understanding of the ongoing health of your machines and enables you to pre-empt failure. By predicting when machinery will break down, companies can remove surprise failures and reduce downtime, scheduled maintenance, and the routine replacement of parts that may, in fact, be perfectly healthy.

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Senseye's approach to PdM

Proven, scalable, trusted

A leading cloud-based Predictive Maintenance solution, Senseye PdM is used and trusted by Fortune 500 industrial companies worldwide. This unique technology, powered by proprietary machine-learning algorithms to automatically forecast machine failure and remaining useful life, enables maintenance teams to halve unplanned downtime and increase maintenance efficiencies, saving money and time, achieving a typical ROI of less than 3 months.

What are the benefits?

  • 85% improvement in downtime forecasting accuracy
  • 50% reduction in unplanned machine downtime
  • 55% increase in maintenance staff productivity
  • 40% reduction in maintenance costs


Senseye PdM

An industrial operations software tool, Senseye PdM is designed to be used on the shop floor by the maintenance and operations people who need to keep things running and ensure that unplanned downtime is kept to a minimum.

Like all good Industry 4.0/Industrial IoT software, Senseye PdM is designed to integrate seamlessly and provide maximum value by leveraging your existing investments. The system takes key machine condition and operations data from your factory historian, IoT middleware or database solutions and automatically generates machine behavior models, which can then be used in your on-going predictive maintenance efforts.

The process is entirely automated, so there is no need for extensive condition monitoring or knowledge to get it up and running. These advanced Predictive Maintenance insights are delivered in an easily understandable manner. And, being cloud-based, there is no need for you to add any hardware or install anything on-site.

“For organizations already on the Industry 4.0 journey, deployment is near-instant and actionable results are delivered in a maximum of 14 days, enabling our customers to experience a leading ROI of less than 3 months.”


Proven expertise

Senseye’s founders honed their condition monitoring expertise in the Aerospace and Defense industries, using that learning to lead the growth of Senseye PdM to thousands of machines globally, automatically ingesting more than 1 million data points per minute, across hundreds of different machine-types. Senseye PdM helps Fortune 500 organizations across a wide variety of industries to save tens of millions of dollars in unplanned downtime and maintenance efficiency every week.

Simplicity & speed

The Senseye PdM user interface is designed for operations and maintenance teams, rather than requiring specialist analysts. Automating and simplifying the reporting of the resulting actions streamlines a traditionally complex task, saving time and costs, and allowing maintenance teams to react with increased speed and accuracy.

The Senseye PdM app allows users to view and action cases, explore condition monitoring data for any connected asset, and report on maintenance activity. Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Managers, and Plant Managers all benefit from the same clear, modern interface, usable on desktop and mobile devices.

Every machine type, any sensor data

Unlike other solutions, Senseye PdM doesn’t require the development of custom models or rules for each type of asset you operate and the corresponding sensor data available. Instead, models are constructed automatically and uniquely without the need for any user intervention. This means you can rapidly apply predictive maintenance to all of your assets (even those of lower criticality), thereby covering the entire balance of plant.


Senseye PdM is underpinned by a cloud-based platform capable of processing huge volumes of data - typically tens of thousands of related measures per hour. This enables you to reap the benefits of predictive maintenance at scale, applying it to every asset in every one of your facilities.

Easy prioritization

Senseye PdM uses a unique approach to direct your maintenance effort to where it’s needed most. Central to this is the Attention Engine - a proprietary algorithm that estimates an Attention Index® for each of your assets, based on recent maintenance data and patterns. If the Attention Index® is sufficiently high, the Attention Engine creates a Case to direct the user’s attention to the asset in question. It can also automatically trigger work orders for your maintenance engineers.

The calculation of the Attention Index® factors in user feedback on previous patterns, asset criticality, and production schedules. By learning from and adapting to this user feedback, the system generates more relevant notifications that are always prioritized consistently.

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