Whether you’re a maintenance manager or a CxO, maintainer or CM Expert, Senseye PdM’s sole purpose is to make your predictive maintenance as simple, cost-effective and intuitive as possible.


As a product, Senseye PdM collects data to predict the Remaining Useful Life of your machinery. There’s no need to install any additional hardware or software on site, saving you both time and money.


With over 55 years’ combined experience, the team at Senseye are experts in their field. Our founders have their roots in Defense and Aerospace, but it doesn’t stop there.


When you’re working with data, security is always a concern. However, ensuring that your organisational data is secure is our highest priority, so take a look at the specific measures we’ve put in place.

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From data-driven prognostics to automatic work orders, Senseye PdM is incredibly easy to implement within your own company. Take a look to see what factory historians and other platforms it can connect to.


From cost reduction or improved resource allocation, the benefits of Senseye PdM are endless. You’ll also find the downtime calculator, which shows you how much unplanned downtime is costing your organization.

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