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The world of Industry 4.0 and other connected technologies brings a new operational risk – data security. Senseye goes to great lengths to ensure that working with us is safe, reliable and sustainable. From initial deployment to enterprise-wide scale, your machine and maintenance data is in safe hands thanks to our robust internal systems, independent testing & verification, standards compliance, and strict staff policies.

What data do we handle?

Every deployment of Senseye uses two main types of data to understand and predict machine health. Data used by Senseye PdM is either condition monitoring (machine data) or maintenance data (user actions and behaviors).

What is condition monitoring data?

The key requirement for effective predictive maintenance analytics is to provide online condition monitoring data in the form of time-series data values. Directly related to, or influenced by, the health of the asset or machine being monitored, this data ranges in complexity and quality and will reflect the monitoring needs coming from asset reliability studies.

What is maintenance data?

This is important for providing context to the condition monitoring data. Using maintenance data coming directly from your Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM), alternatively it can be entered via our Work Event user interface, Senseye PdM’s analytics makes use of this data and integrates it into the automated data analysis flow.


Security considerations for scalable maintenance

Whether you have systems and data gathering capabilities in place or not, we’ve collated the key security rules and best practises for scalable, safe and sustainable asset reliability.

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How do we keep your data secure?

Technical systems

Condition monitoring data and maintenance data that is transported using the Senseye APIs is protected using TLS 1.2, and data at rest is encrypted using AES-256. Production systems are kept up to date with the latest security patches and the Senseye architecture is designed for high availability (> 99.9%).

Regulatory compliance

We are regularly tested and audited by independent security organizations, proving our commitment to security and the safety of customer data. The overall security level of Senseye’s web application is rated as ‘extremely good’. Copies of penetration testing reports can be provided on request.

Staff security policies

All employees adhere to strict internal security policies covering a range of topics such as data handling, the use of equipment, and software development to ensure confidential client data is treated with the appropriate safety and care. Training and compliance is regularly independently audited.

Getting the most from your data with Senseye

Our robust processes and solutions designs for scalability mean that any business can start with Senseye, whether you have the systems and data gathering in place or not. As experts in predictive maintenance and machine health, we can achieve guaranteed downtime reduction through smart and secure use of data in three simple steps.

1. The Senseye Initial Deployment (ID)

As a highly scalable cloud-based solution, Senseye PdM deployment expands as your needs grow. Most of our clients typically start with a sub-set of assets in a single plant to gain an understanding of Senseye PdM in use and establish best practice. With phases measured in weeks and months, this quickly becomes a wider plant rollout leading to multi-site deployments.

Initial deployments can be up and running in weeks, with a positive business outcome demonstrable in just 3 to 6 months of use and scaling to full site development and multi-site deployment over the next 6 to 8 months.


More about running an initial deployment

2. Measuring success

With systems in place, data handled and processed securely, the foundations for real business outcomes through asset reliability and sustainability are well established. Senseye considers two main measures of success, business impact and user engagement.

Business impact

  • Improvement in KPIs for downtime or OEE
  • Reduction in spares consumption
  • Reduction in labor effort in relation to condition monitoring
  • Reduction in demands on condition monitoring specialist per asset monitored
  • Reduction in preventive maintenance activities
  • Reduction in energy use
  • Increase in asset lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance and operations spending

User engagement

  • Increased number of user accounts
  • Rising trend in rate of individual usage (as measured through logins)
  • Rising trend in rate of cases being closed
  • Rising trend in number of comments / feedback left by users
  • Increased number of connected and protected machines

3. Guaranteed downtime reduction

Our software and processes are so effective, we guarantee Return on Investment (ROI) with any PdM deployment with our innovative ROI Lock® offering. We provide customers with a full refund if the savings achieved by avoiding unplanned downtime do not exceed the cost of their Senseye PdM subscription within a year.

More about senseye roi lock
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