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Your site

To better understand how Senseye can help you to scale your PdM program, please share some information on the site you are responsible for as well as the machines that you want to monitor with Senseye.

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KPI's - Part 1

Effective KPIs are critical to demonstrating the value of an effective predictive maintenance program. Please share some of your main KPIs here.

The average OEE for your industry is %

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KPI's - Part 2

It's important to understand how many hours of planned and unplanned maintenance you perform in order to make the cost justification for PdM, this will directly help to understand the Senseye ROI.

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Data collection maturity

How and when data is collected is very important to a successful PdM project, remember that 'bad data in'

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PdM Culture

We see that the most successful PdM projects are driven by a strong culture in this area and a commitment by leadership to embrace PdM - it's as much about culture as it is about technology, please share some information on your PdM culture.

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About you

Please tell us a little more about yourself

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