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Webinar - The Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Automotive Sector

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Technological change is sweeping across virtually every area of the automotive sector. Industry 4.0 has spawned a wide range of emerging technologies that are vying for attention and investment and it’s important not to lose focus on the point of it all: building stronger businesses. From the top down, the focus must shift to one of continuity and efficiency through the use of data and technology.

Watch this exciting on-demand webinar to learn:

    • The current challenges many manufacturers are facing.
    • How technology is helping manufacturers to increase reliability and productivity, whilst reducing cash flow.
    • How Nissan has harnessed technology and maintenance practices to successfully accelerate its Industry 4.0 journey.

This webinar recording will be of interest to maintenance & production team leaders as well as manufacturing operations executives within the automotive sector. The content is designed to help automotive companies understand the benefits of Industry 4.0 and how to harness effectively.

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  • Paul Jones Chief Executive, The NAA
  • Jonathan Wootten – Global Marketing Manager, Senseye
  • Adam Poole – Product Design Lead, Senseye

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