Achieving Scalable Predictive Maintenance In The Automotive Industry

Achieving Scalable Predictive Maintenance In The Automotive Industry

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In this webinar you will have the opportunity to understand why predictive maintenance is so important to your manufacturing operations and how Senseye is working with manufacturers within the automotive industry to reduce unplanned machine downtime by 50%.

We are joined by Stuart McGivern, Project Manager at North East Automotive Alliance, who shares his views and perspective of the automotive manufacturing industry, and some of the major challenges companies are facing in today’s environment.

Watch this exciting on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The why – Why do predictive maintenance in the first place?
  • The how – How Senseye utilises your existing industry 4.0 investments
  • The what – What Senseye does to enable predictive maintenance using your operational data collected
  • A LIVE demonstration

This webinar will be of particular interest to maintenance & production engineers/managers as well as manufacturing operations executives in the automotive industry. The content is designed to ease everyone into the topic of scalable Predictive Maintenance.

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  • Stuart McGivern – Project Manager, North East Automotive Alliance
  • Jonathan Wootten – Senior Marketing Manager, Senseye
  • Graham Bruce – Condition Monitoring Specialist, Senseye

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