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Webinar -Accelerating the Adoption of Predictive Maintenance: The Role of Insurance in Reducing Risk

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In this webinar, we look at the origins and evolution of PdM, our years of experiencewhat we’ve learned, and why we have partnered with SCOR, one of the world’s largest and most dynamic reinsurersto accelerate adoption and eliminate the financial risk associated with new predictive maintenance technologies for manufacturers. 

Watch this exciting on-demand webinar in partnership with SCOR to learn:

    • The evolution of PdM and what we’ve learned along the way
    • What’s needed to accelerate adoption and the ROI that can be expected
    • Why SCOR is offering innovative support to accelerate the benefits of Industry 4.0

This webinar recording will be of interest to manufacturing and finance leaders as well as digital transformation leaders. The content is designed to help industrial companies understand the benefits of Industry 4.0 and the role insurers can play.

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  • Robert Russell Chief Technology Officer, Senseye 
  • Will Thorne Head of P&C Ventures, SCOR 


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