EaaS (Equipment-as-a-Service) in Practice! How to Monetize Your Asset Condition Strategy

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As a manufacturer, selling products is at the core of your business.

However, to grow revenue you need to find new, recurring revenue streams that extend throughout a product's lifecycle and beyond simply selling your products.

Integrated Asset Condition Performance (IACP) is automating the supply chain response to proactively replace assets/parts based on the real-time events. The result is an increase in the asset's uptime, leading to new, stable and predictable revenue streams.

In this webinar, join our panel of experts who will discuss:

  • What is IACP
  • How manufacturers can improve their competitive advantage with IACP
  • How to integrate IACP with your existing IT ecosystem
  • The total ROI, based on industry statistics



Rob Hienekamp - CEO, Endowance Solutions

Rob is a highly successful Business Executive with over 30 years of Product and Consulting experience in Enterprise Application development and implementations.

The roots of OneOffice Duet360 for IIoT have come from that experience and the quest to deliver even greater value to customer.

His entrepreneurial spirit is exemplified in Endowance Solutions a Product Development company, focused on improving customer Business Processes leading to an increase profit margins, recurring revenues and customer satisfaction.


Alexander Hill - Co-Founder and Chief Global Strategist, Senseye

Alex's background in Digital Systems Engineering and early work on one of the largest wireless sensor networks in the world has enabled Alex to bridge the gap between the real-world and the promises of the Industrial Internet of Things with a successful career developing software for Condition Based Maintenance in industries as diverse as aerospace, defence, manufacturing and transportation.

Alex likes cats, technology, cars and keeping things simple.


Terrence O'Hanlon - CEO and Publisher, Reliabilityweb.com®

Terrence O'Hanlon, CMRP is the Publisher of Reliabilityweb.com®, RELIABILITY® Magazine and Uptime® Magazine. He is a Certified in Asset Management by the Institute of Asset Management and is a Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional by SMRP. Terrence is the acting Executive Director of the Association for Maintenance Professionals (AMP). He is the executive editor and Publisher of the 5th Edition of the Asset Management Handbook.

Terrence is also a voting member of the US TAG (PC251) for ISO 55000 - ASTM E53 Asset Management Standards Committee. More recently Mr. O’Hanlon has been selected as the sole US Representation through ANSI for ISO Working Group 39 to create a standard for competence in assessing and certifying Asset Management programs known as ISO 17021-5.

Mr. O’Hanlon is also a member of the Institute of Asset Management, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Association of Facilities Engineers, Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals and the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers.

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