Senseye Predictive Maintenance in the metals & mining industry

Although the equipment used by companies in the Metals and Mining sector is built to work in the harshest environments, assets still break down unexpectedly. And their regular maintenance is usually most costly than in other areas, compounded by the remoteness and harshness of the locations where they operate.

The situation is made more difficult by an ever-more competitive global market in which operators are required to improve the efficiency of their equipment while keeping costs down and meeting stringent sustainability targets.

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With the digitalization of assets and the process equipment used to control them collecting more data than ever before. There’s a rich source of additional and inexpensive information to support automated predictive and prescriptive analytics, without the need for any additional sensors to be installed.

Cost efficiencies and optimization opportunities can be unlocked by mining this rich information with a proven, scalable, and trusted predictive maintenance system – Senseye PdM.

Senseye works with some of the largest Metals & Mining industrial companies.

Trusted by:

Case study: Alcoa

Alcoa Corporation is a global leader in bauxite, alumina, and aluminum products, built on a foundation of strong values and operation excellence dating back more than 130 years to the world-changing discovery that made aluminum an affordable and vital part of modern life.

Alcoa operates production plants worldwide and have applied breakthrough innovations and implemented best practices that have led to increased efficiency, safety, sustainability, and stronger communities wherever they operate.

“We are pleased to have partnered with Senseye on this corporate initiative to enable Predictive Maintenance and improve operational efficiencies. The results and ROI were executed in a prompt manner, and our users are thrilled with the ease of use of the Senseye PdM product.”

Bruno Longchamps | Global Aluminum Manufacturing Intelligence Manage | Alcoa
Fully integrated with existing operational systems – OSI PI® Asset Framework® & Oracle EAM®
No extra sensors installed
Reduced unplanned equipment downtime by up to 20%
Delivered ROI in less than six months

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How Senseye Predictive Maintenance can help


Example assets: haulage trucks, conveyors, motors, gearboxes, crushers, filters, pumps

  • Full support for remote and mobile assets
  • Automatically categorizes condition monitoring data with machine operational state and product
  • Tolerant of data dropouts and timing issues – data does not need to be in a continuous stream
  • Fully usable on mobile platforms
  • Empowers maintenance teams in the field to quickly understand which assets need their attention and why

Refining & production

Example assets: smelters, casters, furnaces, pumps, pots, conveyors, motors, gearboxes, rollers

  • Makes use of existing data, removing the need for shutdowns for sensor installation
  • Fully integrated with leading Enterprise Asset Management systems such as Oracle EAM® and SAP PM® to support and enhance existing workflows
  • Open APIs and micro-service architecture allows digital acceleration and data science teams to contribute to and own in-house knowledge

What makes Senseye PdM unique?

Proven global case studies in all elements of mining and refining metals
Senseye already works with leading data platforms including OSI PI® Asset Framework®
Senseye PdM is designed to accept data in batch format and with irregular times – such as data from remote or mobile assets

Find out how Senseye helps world-leading metals & mining companies to:

  • Improve maintenance efficiency by up to 55%
  • Reduce unplanned downtime by up to 50%
  • Contribute to cost-savings by extending lifetime of assets
  • Enable better remote monitoring of critical and non-critical assets
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Choose the best Predictive Maintenance software


Senseye has demonstrated a rapid ROI of less than six months in the Metals & Mining industry and guarantees success through ROI Lock® - promising a full return on investment within 12 months or your money back.

Senseye can offer this as we have a depth of experience in the Metals & Mining industry, covering thousands of diverse assets across the globe. Senseye’s technology can deal with various types of assets and, to back it up, our team comprises expert condition monitoring and mechanical engineers who will guide your project to success.


Senseye PdM treats each asset uniquely. Each asset has its own unique models and associations – an impossible task to complete manually. Due to the way Predictive Maintenance works with Senseye, this is taken care of automatically, with relevant information shared across thousands of machines. Our APIs are open and free for our customers to use to integrate into their existing Enterprise Asset Management systems.

What’s more, you don’t need to take machines down for an extended period of time to install sensors in order to enjoy the benefits of Senseye PdM. The application can often make use of process data already being collected and stored by your existing system – further increasing both your ROI and your ability to deploy rapidly.


A safe and stable product engineered to the highest standards means Senseye is trusted by Metals & Mining giants around the world. Senseye is ISO 90001 and 27001 certified, and we take security extremely seriously. Our product and its APIs are regularly independently audited.

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