Senseye has created a range of methodologies to deliver maximum impact and value for manufacturing and maintenance efficiencies.

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Senseye and its Engineering team have developed a customer success project framework called Senseye ID.
This framework is based on best practices to achieve digital transformation success with Senseye PdM to:

  • Decrease maintenance costs by 40%
  • Reduce manual inspections
  • Optimize spares inventory purchases
  • Deploy a successful maintenance plan

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Senseye ROI is a free online ROI Calculator tool built for industrial companies who want bespoke analysis of their production environments, the steps they should take to transform their maintenance operations using Industry 4.0 best practices, and the financial returns that can be expected by doing so.

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Senseye Index is an in-house methodology based on our experience, industry and technology knowledge to measure where on the Predictive Maintenance journey industrial companies are.

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