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  • mark wells square empl obce3hdu41t1uk94iz3cc1x8o3e0a8l82cjopl7530 - Meet The Team
    Mark Wells Chairman

    Mark has an engineering and commercial background  and has been a Non-Executive Chairman for many successful technology led businesses over the last decade. He has a BSc in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bath and an MBA from Cranfield University and has lived and worked in Europe, North America and Asia.

  • simon website1 500x500 - Meet The Team
    Dr. Simon Kampa Chief Executive Officer

    Simon has a background in Computer Science and holds a PhD in the Semantic Web. His career started in designing and developing large scale data-driven applications, before turning to running successful software companies.

  • rob website1 500x500 - Meet The Team
    Robert Russell Chief Technology Officer

    Rob has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has spent over 20 years designing and deploying complex condition monitoring and prognostics solutions across the aerospace, defense and transport sectors.

  • alex website2 500x500 - Meet The Team
    Alexander Hill Chief Global Strategist

    Alex has a degree in Digital Systems Engineering and, after working on leading large-scale sensor systems, moved into a successful career in business development, marketing and strategic planning.

  • dan website1 500x500 - Meet The Team
    Dr. Daniel Reid Chief Software Architect

    Dan has a MEng in AI and a PhD in Machine Learning. He is a specialist in the development of analytical software, leading software teams in building condition monitoring and IoT applications.

  • sjesenko edit oc7q5dz0aufrvc4p4e7he75cf5phceryyk77lus1hk - Meet The Team
    Simon Jesenko CFO

    Simon has over 15 years’ experience in finance and operations management, working across different sectors, most recently holding finance leadership positions in high growth software companies. He has a BSc in Economics and is ACCA and CIMA qualified.

  • peterde bg 1 o8mayilcrfiplakvlsw60hzpxhtoomucrtqo1n0ih4 - Meet The Team
    Peter Portner MD Germany / VP Sales

    Peter has over 25 years’ experience in B2B technology sales for large multi-national organizations. He has successfully lead entry and expansion into the automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industry and takes pride in building high performing and motivated teams.

  • peter livaudais web o8s6ypqnehf9pmdvxd1o91h859otln54fp96l8odxk - Meet The Team
    Peter Livaudais VP Partners

    Peter has over 30 years experience in enterprise and industrial software infrastructure. Having lead complex projects and chaired industry forums on both sides of the Atlantic, he puts his design, data and digital expertise at the service of strategic accounts.

  • nikki scarr web o8s6yha3oz3ot4q6are14lm2ssuiod7jejdt9r0xhk - Meet The Team
    Nikki Scarr VP Delivery

    Nikki has held Director and Vice President roles for over 20 years in successful and fast growing Software Product organisations. She has a passion for building, leading and motivating delivery teams to implement exceptional software and provide true customer satisfaction.

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  • james loach web o8s6upx8p9l3j9pl0ea8tb8m5aqrwon18jodpp5ya8 - Meet The Team
    Dr. James Loach Chief Data Scientist
  • lavina website5 o8mbef0ypyx15t06ifqgcr0cl4tbx1bqb59uuy034g - Meet The Team
    Lavina Lawrence HR & Operations Manager
  • robby website1 o8mbklspppdzle0ldm119osldgbblaw45rvxlits5s - Meet The Team
    Robby Booker Onboarding Lead
  • adam website1 o8mbn8qevyzy606oz92criu5ddbe6qd06trz2gx0pc - Meet The Team
    Adam Poole Product Design Lead
  • fabian employee picture 1 ojo08aeg7gp7o37x7ykysdgj60vl07wqdcx8z6kukw - Meet The Team
    Fabian Blumenhagen Sales Development Representative
  • peter website1 o8mblne9b2tghshza2a41fb14v60571dmxzcsla18w - Meet The Team
    Peter O’Hara Customer Success Manager
  • matt website3 o8mbdg8xp3lf88ep5ip9ahsalvkr08hnud4w3pfnio - Meet The Team
    Matthew Wilson Frontend Lead
  • peter higgs 3 board copy o8mavqyczfd0km4eiv87bylrumtw1g7neqtoq3okpc - Meet The Team
    Peter Higgs Quality Manager


  • richard green 500x500 - Meet The Team
    Richard Green Advisor

    Richard has deep expertise in leading and working with a number of growth stage tech companies, being awarded ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Ernst & Young in 2010.

  • david parker 5 500x500 - Meet The Team
    Dr. David Parker Advisor

    David has achievements in strategy development to deliver start-up, growth and value realisation with early stage, late stage, floated and VC/PE backed businesses as well as in large, multinational corporates.

  • steve mcevoy5 500x500 - Meet The Team
    Steve McEvoy Advisor

    Steve has held a number of executive engineering positions, including VP Engineering at GE Aviation Systems where he led prognostics. He now runs Prism Nova, providing consultancy and support to condition monitoring projects.

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