What is Integrated Asset Condition Performance?

Integrated Asset Condition Performance (IACP) - is automating the supply chain response to proactively replace assets/parts based on the real-time events to increase the uptime of assets, resulting in new, stable and predictable revenue streams.

IACP allows manufacturers to sell equipment-as-a-service rather than the product itself. The term is a variation of the "as-a-service" phrasing that has grown along with the popularity of cloud computing -- in, for example, software-as-a-service (SaaS) -- and employs similar subscription-based pricing driving from capital expenses (CAPEX) to operational expenses (OPEX).

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The savings IACP delivers


reduction in unplanned downtime


reduction in inventory costs based on IIoT parts replacement history & proactive vs. reactive service actions


reduction in time taken to identify the correct part and ship to the end customer


reduction in unplanned service technician travel time

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What's holding back your revenue growth as an OEM?

  • A lack of visibility of the condition of your end customers’ assets
  • Unplanned end customer machine downtime
  • Missed service and warranty revenue opportunities
  • Manual assets/parts replacement processes causing friction and service delays
  • Increasing repair and inventory costs

The benefits of Integrated Asset Condition Performance (IACP)

Asset condition management

Understand the current and future health of your customers’ machinery and what requires your attention so you can predict failures before they happen.

Automated parts supply process

Smart asset relays its health condition which triggers the automated part(s) replacement process. The joint solution removes friction from the parts supply process.

Full inventory management

Avoid inventory build-up due to lack of parts usage history Accurately predict parts replacement and reduce inventory costs.

Achieve sustainability goals

Help your customers meet their sustainability goals through IIoT data analysis of onsite asset performance.

Create new revenue streams

Go beyond simply selling your products. Create new, recurring service revenue streams to fuel your business growth.

Stay ahead of your competition

Manufacturing is a competitive industry. Differentiate your offering to stay ahead of your competition and in turn, provide an enhanced customer experience.

Supported by out-of-the-box integrations with industry leading CRM and ERP systems




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