Senseye boasts in-house condition monitoring experts and mechanical engineers with real industrial backgrounds, all of whom put their knowledge and know-how into our products to ensure they deliver a range of benefits.


Maintenance managers

Developed specifically for maintenance managers and their teams, Senseye PdM connects to existing infrastructure and needs less than one hour of training. With visible results available in under two weeks, maintenance teams are more effective and efficient.

Additional benefits include:

  • Machine, manufacturer and sensor agnostic
  • Aimed at maintenance engineers not diagnostic experts
  • Works out-of-the-box without the need for extensive setup or customization



Quick and easy to use, Senseye doesn’t require complex user training, and maintainers don’t need a background in condition monitoring. Its unique feedback mechanism allows Senseye PdM to learn and tune itself to both the machine and the maintainer.

Additional benefits include:

  • Easy to use with training taking less than one hour
  • Helps you focus your efforts more precisely
  • Reliably detects and prioritizes issues that require attention


Chief financial officers

Senseye helps enable effective predictive maintenance to improve overall equipment effectiveness, and reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime. Designed and tested for scale, the company-wide solution can be used to monitor tens of thousands of assets.

Additional benefits include:

  • Proven technology and service
  • Visible ROI in less than three months
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS), meaning operational costs scale with your demands, and upgrades are built-in.


Reliability engineers

Senseye reduces the need for manual inspections and detects abnormal machine behaviours and failures before they occur, resulting in up to 50% unplanned downtime being saved.

Additional benefits include:

  • Automated predictive maintenance across all machine types, not just critical ones
  • Senseye PdM doesn’t require teams of data scientists or reliability experts to deploy or configure
  • Proven to increase maintenance efficiencies by 40%

IT & data scientists

Senseye reduces the burden on an organisation’s IT department and data scientists, allowing them to accelerate their digital transformation journey and justify business cases. Senseye PdM provides robust ‘out of the box’ PdM capability with an award-winning user experience, and then enables businesses to further develop, extend and integrate it to their unique needs.

Additional benefits include:

  • Jump start your PdM journey
  • Advanced proprietary machine learning out of the box
  • Open architecture to enable full enterprise integration and extendibility

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