How to run a Predictive Maintenance pilot

AI and analytics are hot topics and almost every vendor claims an ability “to do” Predictive Maintenance (PdM) with their predictive analytics platform. 

At industrial scale, PdM is very hard so how can you be confident that you and the vendor are taking the right steps in order to maximize the chances of success and what does project success look like?

In this white paper, we share our stories, lessons-learned and experience from over 5 years of running successful PdM projects so that you can make sure you are confident of your predictive maintenance software vendor and your own organization to take advantage of this technology.

Download your copy of our free white paper to learn:

  • Common pitfalls of running a predictive maintenance proof of concept
  • What KPIs can be improved by effective predictive maintenance
  • How to spot a vendor who doesn't know what they're doing
  • Pitfalls you can avoid within your organization