Guaranteeing that your Predictive Maintenance rollout has a predictable, 100% minimum Return on Investment

In a world-first for industrial and manufacturing companies, Senseye now independently guarantees a reduction in machine downtime for industrial and manufacturing companies. Part of the standard Senseye PdM product offering, ROI Lock is supported by a Tier One reinsurance partner with AA- rating.

Over 70% of industrial and manufacturing companies are implementing or planning digital acceleration projects, although at least 55% are in a phase of trying to prove a business case, without having run a project

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The Aerospace, Defense and Transportation industries lead the world in the cultures of safety, maintenance practices, and condition monitoring technologies. Senseye is focused on making the technologies and methodologies developed in these areas easily accessible and scalable for the wider industrial and manufacturing sectors where margins are tighter and ROIs more demanding. Many of these businesses have also been excluded from traditional and expensive solutions. Industry 4.0 and cyber-physical systems have given rise to new maintenance optimization opportunities, but the ROI has sometimes been unclear.


Working with Senseye now significantly reduces operational financial risk associated with the implementation of predictive maintenance, meaning machine reliability and Return on Investment (ROI) linked to a digital transformation project can be a certainty with Senseye ROI Lock.


Provides industrial companies with a low-risk and scalable digital transformation project focused on Predictive Maintenance. 100% ROI, minimum.


ROI Lock™ is supported by a global Tier One reinsurance provider (rated AA-), giving you peace of mind.

Senseye PdM is built from decades of real-world Condition Monitoring & PdM experience, with a Return on Investment we are proud to guarantee

Over years of working with top global Fortune 500 companies, Senseye has consistently demonstrated significant reductions in unplanned downtime, with hundreds of millions of dollars of confirmed savings. This attracted the attention of a Tier One global reinsurance company who sought to offer something revolutionary in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Inspired by talking with our customers who were able to detail their success stories, the company worked with us for an exclusive partnership, and together we are proud to offer Senseye ROI Lock. Savings of at least 100% from avoided unplanned downtime or your money back.


Senseye is proud to be able to offer ROI Lock to all customers – through our network of partners and allies as well as through Senseye directly, ensuring that your Predictive Maintenance initiatives are guaranteed success when working with your trusted network.


“By working with Senseye on a pre-built Predictive Maintenance Solution, PTC is able to deliver what customers are asking for: an impactful and scalable Asset Health solution. By leading condition monitoring expertise first and then applying modern IoT and Data Science techniques to enhance that expertise, PTC and Senseye offer a highly differentiated solution, accelerated through Senseye’s ROI Lock.”

Matt Hardman, Director, AI and Analytics at PTC

“ROI Lock from Senseye highlights the maturity of their automated PdM solution and is a springboard for Industry 4.0 to reach its full potential. We are excited to work with Senseye to combine Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform with ROI Lock to enable industrial companies to guarantee maintenance savings.”

– Barthold Veenendaal, SVP Innovation Schneider Electric.
Schneider Electric
Make uk

“We applaud Senseye for its pioneering initiative, which has the potential to accelerate the adoption of predictive maintenance worldwide. It is clear that manufacturing businesses of all sizes can benefit from adopting the right technologies, and this will play a big role in boosting productivity.”

– Jim Davison- Region Director, South, MakeUK.


As a PdM deployment is started, Senseye will work with you to perform an upfront survey and come to an agreement about the current cost of unplanned downtime.

As part of the standard operation of Senseye PdM, users receive alerts when the Senseye PdM Attention Index® identifies current or future asset degradation. Following normal workflows, your maintenance professionals will perform any necessary inspection and repair work and record information related to this within your maintenance management system (EAM or CMMS) or directly within Senseye PdM.

If the avoided unplanned downtime savings achieved after a 12-month period are less than the cost of your Senseye subscription, a full refund will be made.

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Senseye ROI Lock applies for an initial 12-month period as part of Senseye PdM subscription.

The guarantee applies to a minimum of 50 assets and can be extended to an unlimited volume of assets at any time.

All sites within your Senseye PdM subscription are covered and the guarantee agreement is between you and Senseye.


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