Expert PdM and condition monitoring consultancy

Senseye is made up of industry specialists, condition monitoring experts, and mechanical engineers, in addition to a team of leading data scientists. It draws upon its founders’ extensive knowledge and experience in condition-based maintenance developed during their time in the Aerospace, Defence, and Transportation industries - industries that lead the world in the culture of safety, maintenance practices, and condition monitoring technologies.

Our focus has always been on making these technologies and maintenance practices easily accessible and scalable for the industrial and manufacturing sectors, and our heritage allows us to offer Senseye PdM as a product that is not only developed by experts, but one that is underpinned by our capability to provide deep support, consultancy, and ongoing input in the maintenance field.

Senseye PdM Experts Diagram-01

Services offered include:

  • General condition monitoring and maintenance consultancy
  • Support to business case development
  • Sensor selection and installation
  • Maintenance record analysis
  • Data development and pre-processing
  • Integration projects (including SSO)
  • Predictive Maintenance training

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