Get started on your predictive maintenance journey

Your machine health consultation will be with one of our PdM experts who will:

  • Look to understand your current maintenance approach
  • Start a process of goal discovery with an explanation of potential next steps
  • Give you an overview of the Senseye approach




Book a 15 minute slot straight in your calendar

You can achieve...

improvement in downtime forecasting accuracy
reduction in unplanned machine downtime
increase in maintenance staff productivity
reduction in maintenance costs

We are pleased to have partnered with Senseye on this corporate initiative to enable Predictive Maintenance and improve operational efficiencies. The results and ROI were executed in a prompt manner, and our users are thrilled with the ease of use of the Senseye PdM product.

Bruno Longchamps Global Aluminum Manufacturing Intelligence Manager
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Over the last five years we have been on a journey towards predictive maintenance. In 2020 we stepped positively into an online predictive maintenance arena with Senseye. This approach will enable further improvement across our engineering functions as we roll out the approach across other sites driving equipment reliability.

Steve Parr Engineering Director
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Senseye is supporting our Predictive Maintenance program across multiple production facilities and has helped us lower overall downtime and increase OEE.

Damian Wheler UK Engineering Director