What Remote Working Means To Me

By Dan Reid, Senseye’s Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect

dan_website1-500x500When you are prepared to employ remote workers, your talent pool can potentially come from anywhere in the world, which is essential when you're looking for specific skill sets. It's also powerful having talented people working across different time zones. It means we have a reliable support system in place for a lot longer than a typical workday.

A lot of software engineers are looking for this setup now, and remote working is well suited to engineering. We're computer literate, so working around the networking and setup isn't a problem, and some of us have very particular skill sets that companies are looking for, no matter the distance.

Having a company culture that puts a lot of trust in its employees can only be a good thing. We can move away from that bums on seats mentality and let workers work as much as they need to. We focus on the quality of work done, rather than the path taken to deliver it.

It gives me time with the kids. I've got a young family, and I can work around the commitments that brings. I work early, try to finish by four, cook dinner, then pick up more hours later if needs be. That way, my work fits around my life, not the other way around.

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