Spotlight Series - Tim Carter

Senseye is showcasing our invaluable team as individuals in our Spotlight Series.

Hello, my name is Tim Carter. I'm a Software Engineer and I work for Senseye.

My role is to design and build and test interfaces and pipelines and databases which are used to capture and process condition monitoring data. 

The inputs to the system are measures that come from machines, so things like temperature, vibration and talk. We take that data and send it to machine learning algorithms. We can look for trends, anomalies, and we conduct forecasting. The outputs of those anomalies are surfaced in our application used by maintenance engineers, they can then inspect things that we think require attention. 

I like working here because it's interesting and challenging, and there's a great culture, where we are trusted to perform our roles and we can do that with autonomy. You can find out more about Senseye by visiting our website or going to LinkedIn, other social networks are available. Thanks so much for watching.