Spotlight Series - Ryan Falcini

Senseye is showcasing our invaluable team as individuals in our Spotlight Series.

Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm based in Oxford, United Kingdom. I'm an Industry 4.0 advisor at Senseye and my role is to work with you to understand some of the projects that you're currently doing within your company and whether predictive maintenance may be the best fit and option for you.


As an Industry 4.0 advisor it is also my responsibility whether Senseye and your company would be a good fit for each other. As part of this, I will introduce you to Senseye and our solution. Also, how we work and what we do at our company. Alongside this, I will also provide a live demo of our application and introduce you to the product itself, show you what this looks like for you as somebody who will be using it!

Please visit us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook or feel free to contact me directly to talk more about projects and predictive maintenance for you and your company.