Spotlight Series - Natalie Kurgan

Senseye is showcasing our invaluable team as individuals in our Spotlight Series.

Hello, my name is Natalie Kurgan, I am a Conditioning Monitoring Engineer here with Senseye. I am based in the US, in Upstate New York. 

As a Conditioning Monitoring Engineer I assist with everything, from understanding your machinery and how the data reflects its status to helping you onboard your data into the app and communicating your needs to the backend team to ensure that you're getting the most out of Senseye. 

I am typically involved in projects from the very beginning and provide you with continuous support including app training and regular support calls. As a Condition Monitoring Engineer, I help you through the most confusing and difficult stages in your predictive maintenance journey from start to finish so you're never left feeling lost and confused. 

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