Spotlight Series - Jack Dudden

Senseye is showcasing our invaluable team as individuals in our Spotlight Series.

Howdy, my name is Jack and I'm based in Somerset, United Kingdom. In my role as a Condition Monitoring Analyst, I'm here to assist you with designing, applying and operating a successful Predictive Maintenance project here with Senseye.


Moving to Predictive Maintenance is a big step and that's why I am there to guide you throughout. From everything to asset selection, data exploration, integrations and training, all with the end goal to provide the best insights into your machine condition via our app page. I'll typically be joining you in our kick off meeting all the way through to when you and your organisation need PdM experts. 

In a standard day for me, I might have a case review, which is where I provide guidance and support for any difficult cases, data exploration and analysis where I'll be looking for the best data to highlight your machines condition. Finally, implementing any solutions for any problems we might be encountering.

And that's my role in 60 seconds. If you'd like to know anything more about Senseye, please follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.