Senseye's Season of Hope


So long to 2020.

It has been a challenging twelve months. Like so many others, we've had our struggles and faced loss. But we have lived our values with all the difficulties individuals have had to face. And for that, I am so proud of what has been accomplished this year.

At Senseye, we are a family. We have a healthy spirit, and we respect the individual's needs and values. Still, most of all, as a company, we provide clarity; this has enabled us to deliver, be pro-active, and be responsible for others.

At the end of the day, we're all good people. Everything may not always be perfect, but we go forth in life to spread good intentions and take care of those not only in our company but also in our community.

People are worth the time and energy. That kind of dedication is something that we carry on professionally and personally. We take pride in our responsibilities and commitment to making this planet better than how we leave it.

Thank you to all our family, friends, partners, and customers. Your support has been a constant reminder why we do what we do. We couldn't have survived this year without you.


We say goodbye to 2020, and hello to 2021 with clear intent and purpose, and most of all, hope.

We can't wait to share everything new in our world, and we are so glad you joined us on our journey.

Hope your holidays are safe and filled with positivity.

Lavina Lawrence:

HR & Business Operations Mgr.

charity quote

Top of the Charts

At Senseye we encourage charitable contributions from our teams, especially this year. From supplying local area food banks, to sponsoring families for Christmas, we try to be involved as much as we can.

A reward program we use to stay connected and motivate engagement with coworkers, Bonusly, allows our employees to donate their reward points to their favorite charities. Here are some of the top ones from this year.






Thank you for following us on our journey.

We can't wait to share more with you in 2021.