Senseye partnership to provide scalable predictive maintenance to OSIsoft users

Senseye, a provider of predictive maintenance software, today announced that it has joined the Partner EcoSphere at OSIsoft, a leader in operational intelligence, to deliver its automated condition monitoring product to help PI System customers on their digital transformation journey.

Senseye uses advanced machine learning algorithms to learn the characteristics of each monitored asset by analyzing vibration, pressure, temperature and torque data. It is able to identify emerging problems with machinery up to six months in advance and predict when an asset is likely to fail by comparing data outputs with known maintenance events.

Leading manufacturers have halved their levels of unplanned downtime and delivered maintenance cost reductions of up to 40 percent by using Senseye. Savings achieved by using Senseye have enabled many users to recoup their annual spend on the system less than three months after deployment.

The partnership will enable OSIsoft’s customers, which include thousands of large industrial organizations in 127 countries worldwide, to quickly and easily introduce Senseye’s predictive maintenance capabilities across their operational environments. Any organization capturing machine data using the PI System is now able to connect seamlessly with Senseye in minutes 

IoT Analytics, a provider of IoT, M2M and Industry 4.0 market insights, calculates that the predictive maintenance market is growing at 39 percent a year and will be worth US$11 billion globally by 2022 as strategies move from condition-based maintenance to analytics and IoT-enabled predictive maintenance.

Knud Lasse Lueth, Managing Director at IoT Analytics: “Predictive maintenance is one of the few real ‘killer’ use cases for the industrial Internet of Things. It is easy to understand how it works and the benefits are real. Inside factories, predictive maintenance is increasingly used to optimize internal operations typically resulting in 20-30 percent efficiency gains. 

Bry Dillon, VP of Cloud, Channels and Community at OSIsoft, comments: “Senseye targets one of the most important problems facing manufacturers: reducing the cost of unplanned downtime and maintenance. Through the integration of this ecosystem, Senseye and OSIsoft are empowering our shared customers to maximize the value of their data, minimize unplanned downtime and boost maintenance efficiencies using actionable real-time data and insight.”

Simon Kampa, Chief Executive Officer of Senseye, comments: “This partnership is good news for Senseye, OSIsoft and its customers around the world. The OSIsoft PI system is widely used across many of the industries in which Senseye is proven to deliver the greatest value and we've made it possible for its users to connect seamlessly with Senseye and understand the remaining lifespan of machinery in a matter of minutes. This will accelerate adoption of our market-leading product and the substantial uptime, productivity and cost benefits that can be achieved from using it.”

Comments from a sourcing manager at a large heavy industrial organization: “After vetting more than ten predictive maintenance offerings rigorously, our team decided unanimously that Senseye was the best choice. Senseye was unique in offering a highly advanced back end data engine married to a front end user interface that was intuitive and user-friendly. We wanted a solution that our engineer on the shop floor would see as a helpful diagnostic and prognostic tool, not just another system to acknowledge when alarms were sounded. Senseye has delivered on this.”