Senseye announces Predictive Maintenance solution with guaranteed ROI

Senseye PdM Complete - a turn-key PdM solution with guaranteed ROI

Senseye, a leader in machine health management software, announces Senseye PdM Complete, to help companies achieve Predictive Maintenance success with a turn-key solution backed by a guaranteed Return on Investment.

Senseye has today announced that it is making available a turn-key managed solution for companies that can  benefit from Predictive Maintenance, without the need for them to manage a complex project or have in house condition monitoring expertise and with a guaranteed Return on Investment.

Senseye PdM Complete® is a fully managed solution, combining the award winning Senseye PdM software product with the insurance-backed downtime reduction guarantee Senseye ROI Lock®. The solution is delivered and supported by a team of experienced condition monitoring engineers to ensure that a guaranteed Return on Investment can be achieved. Clients need no in-house condition monitoring or data science capabilities to experience the reduced operational and maintenance costs of Predictive Maintenance.

Simon Kampa, CEO of Senseye, comments “Implementing a successful Predictive Maintenance project is difficult, with analysts reporting that over 80% of these kinds of projects have so far failed. Senseye have decades of combined experience of successful PdM implementation and through our Senseye PdM Complete managed service we make this available to our existing and new clients. As it’s backed by the industry-first Senseye ROI Lock®, we guarantee that they’ll see a full return on investment within 12 months or they are entitled to a full refund.”

Senseye PdM Complete has already been globally deployed by some of the world's largest companies in the automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and metals & mining sectors. Customers have reduced unplanned downtime by over 50 percent, streamlined spare-parts inventories, and cut maintenance spending by up to 40 per cent.  Customers who start with Senseye PdM Complete can then transition to Senseye PdM Enterprise™ in order to fully own and control their Predictive Maintenance journey.

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