Seasons of Senseye


In the spirit of the 2020 holidays, we present to you the Seasons of Senseye, where we pull back the curtain to share the success and behind-the-scenes magic that makes up Senseye PdM. Welcome to our world, enjoy! 🎄

Innovation + Creativity = This

When our teams began working from home this year, they soon felt the loss of face-to-face interactions. To keep things fresh and fun, they came up with side projects to share and bond over.

Senseye Seasons of Innovation

Security Lead Harry built a "night light," a Icosahedral lamp powered by an Arduino Pro Mini (try saying that five times fast). To celebrate the holidays this year, Front End Developer Matt created heartwarming and humorous time-lapsed videos that guarantee a smile every time.

Our Product Developer, Jacob, took it another step, deciding with other Senseye staff to build Social Robots to connect home offices. These "Sobots" allow people to communicate through physical interactions over the Internet, in the most creative ways. 

Senseye Stories

AlexH (1)"When lockdown first started I bought myself a 3D printer and spent some long calls tinkering in the background to assemble it...and spent most of the time tweaking it. (first thing you do with a 3D printer is print upgrades – most often breaking it in the process)

Can I say it’s helped me in my ‘Senseye life,' no – but it’s really cool to think of 'that one little plastic thing that broke that needs to be replaced,’ and be able to replace it easily."


CollageCopters2"I've always liked tinkering and electronics, and this is a sweet spot between electronics and RC. First-person view (FPV) flying involves remote controlling quadcopters or planes while you see the action live using goggles that receive video in real time.

Thanks to recent advances in technology and an awesome community, quadcopters are getting smaller, more powerful and agile, and can carry action cameras that can record HD video. Building your own quad from scratch is easier than ever, with many hardware and software components to choose from so you can build exactly what you want."

~Alvaro Perez, Data Scientist

JamesL (1)"When I was living in Shanghai and learning Chinese, I got frustrated with the way I was being taught how to read and write characters. So I tried to figure out if there was a better way.

Becoming functionally literate in Chinese requires memorization of several thousand distinct characters.

So I worked in creating an algorithm for determining the most efficient character order for learning those Chinese characters, and in turn it got published."