Scarlet Fulton - International Women's Spotlight

International Women’s Week at Senseye 

During International Women’s Week, we want to put a spotlight on our female team members here at Senseye. Each day we will publish an interview with an inspirational woman and find out about their career journey, role models and aspirations. Senseye believes in maximizing effectiveness through multiple different data feeds. We also apply this to our people, in the belief that each person brings a valuable new skillset and new perspective to the team, enhancing effectiveness.

In the spotlight: Scarlet Fulton, based in Southampton, UK.

What is your role at Senseye, and what are your typical daily tasks and activities?

I recently joined Senseye as a Marketing Associate. My role is to build awareness and grow Senseye's customer base through planning and executing marketing activities. A typical day for me involves content creation, website edits, and events support. I also conduct market research to identify new revenue opportunities. Every day is different, but I'm always busy and very engaged.

What has been your career journey to date?

My career journey is in its infancy, having graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Southampton last year. Alongside my studies, I founded a health and wellness social media account documenting my journey and representing multiple well-known fashion and fitness brands in both paid partnerships and ambassador roles. This was not only a career-focused endeavor for me but also a personal one; having this community truly helped me achieve a much better relationship with myself and a much better idea of a healthy lifestyle. I developed an interest in social media marketing, and after closely monitoring my engagement and analytics in general, I started to uncover the trends that encouraged growth. I developed a strong and engaged following with this knowledge, keeping me active and enthused, which nicely accompanied my studies.

Once I felt this endeavor had had its day, I started volunteering with brands to develop their social media presence. As a social media/marketing assistant, I interned for my university, produced some great working relationships, and gained valuable experience, preparing me for the world of work. I interned for a couple of different companies post graduating, developing my understanding of the marketing industry and the working world generally. Then in early 2021, I landed my role with Senseye!

Who would you consider a role model?

Firstly, I am in awe of Malala Yousafzai. At age 15, she was shot in the face by a gunman on the bus on her way home from school after speaking out against the Taliban's restrictions on women's education in Pakistan. I was so horrified by this; I remember feeling embarrassed I knew so little about the realities of different cultures and the struggles they faced. I was inspired by her voice when I heard her speak at the United Nations: "I am not telling men to step away from speaking for women's rights, rather I am focusing on women to be independent to fight for themselves." This statement moved me. She showed such courage and determination despite all she had been through at such a young age. She had taken her experience and strategically transformed the media attention and lessons from it into a movement. She hadn't let it knock her down, and she just came back more robust and more determined. Malala continues her fight, establishing the Malala Fund, a charity dedicated to allowing every girl to choose life. For this, Malala received the Nobel Peace Prize, becoming the youngest-ever Nobel laureate. She graduated from Oxford University in 2020 and continues to live a fulfilled life in the UK, striving for equal education opportunities for women.

Secondly, I love to read the work of Maya Angelou. I studied her at A-Level and often used her mantras to guide me in day-to-day life. Maya was a civil-rights activist, a poet, an author, an actress, a screenwriter, and a dancer. She had a very traumatic childhood and ended up temporarily mute as a result. After overcoming this, she eventually used her voice to provide others with solace in times of pain – something I see she learned to do, having experienced much pain herself. One of my favorite quotes from her reads: "I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it." Her poetry book 'And Still I Rise' is a beautiful read.

Thirdly, my Mum is a role model for me. She works as a Portage Home Visitor, providing families support with their special needs children. It is an emotionally demanding job, something that can often seep into life at home, but she never fails to deliver. She does everything, and by everything, I mean it quite literally. We are a family of four, with five cats and a dog. Nobody ever falls short, and we always have our pillar there for any support we may need. I am very grateful for my Mum and would be very proud to grow to be half the woman.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work, I am socializing with friends and family, eating out, and being active. I am a very keen gym-goer and am always trying to improve on my personal best – deadlifts are by far my favorite exercise.

I like to bake and spent a lot of time in the kitchen during the first lockdown. I also am a keen reader, with my nose currently in Perfume by Patrick Suskind.


What do you hope to accomplish at Senseye?

I want to build brand awareness and deliver new, exciting and innovative ideas at Senseye, hoping to build myself up. I think this role is ideal for me to uncover my strengths and passions within this industry and pave the way for me to flourish within my career.