My Top Tips on Remote Working

Joao Aldeano, On-Boarding Engineer, Southampton, UK

Could you say a little about yourself and your background?

IMG_2248Hi. My name is Joao Aldeano and I’m a Software Engineer. I’m from Évora in Portugal, part of the Alentejo region, known for its great wines and food.

As for my background, I have a bachelor and specialisation in Informatics Engineering. I’m in the process of finishing my e-learning MSc. I’m excited to present my MSc dissertation next month on AI and CSP programming.

Why did you decide to join Senseye?

Even before my girlfriend and I finished our degrees (she is a nurse), we decided we wanted to see more of the world. Once we finished, she found a job in Southampton, so we came to the UK together. As I did not have much experience, I started looking for jobs in the area for trainees or internship programs.

When I joined Senseye it was a start up, so I had a chance to learn a lot about different coding languages such as Go and Node and cloud concepts. Being a full remote job made this job perfect, in fact, I was really lucky I found Senseye. 

What is your role at Senseye?

I work as a Software Engineer in the Onboarding (OB) team. The OB team is part of the delivery team. My team, in particular, is responsible for bringing the assets data into Senseye PdM. We currently maintain a data pipeline and some APIs which are responsible for processing customer data.

Regarding the communication, everything at Senseye is made very clear. We have daily calls to chat about what we are doing and what can be improved - along with any daily issues that may happen. We also have longer meetings, every 3 weeks to plan sprints/cycles and set priorities.

What does remote working mean to you in terms of your work and life?

Even though I live in Southampton I only go to the office once a week. I am now very used to working from home and it works very well for me. I think that working remotely is the future, in Senseye's case it's the present. Working remotely saves a lot of time in traffic which is a major improvement to your work/life balance but you need to learn how to be productive.

I have a young daughter so working from home is great because I can spend more time with her.

What are your top tips for successful remote working?

After nearly 4 years of remote working I think there are some things I would recommend to others to be successful:

  1. Have a sports activity before/after work. Sport is great for your mental and physical health. I consider team sports even more important as it’s good to socialise and talk with people in real life. I play football in the Wessex Division and Futsal in the National Futsal League.
  2. Set a clear end to your day. It's really difficult to stop when you are working remotely but remember: if a problem stumps you today, you can always beat it tomorrow :)
  3. Have a space dedicated to work. A space where you can close the door and focus on your work without interruptions is so important, especially if there will be people at home while you are working.

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