Kickstart predictive maintenance deployment in just 14 days with Senseye PdM Starter Packs

kickstart predictive maintenance

Senseye, an industry leading AI driven asset health management company, has launched its new plug and play Starter Packs to help organization’s rapidly begin their predictive maintenance journey.

The packs, which combine sensor hardware with Senseye’s award winning PdM software, means organizations can launch their predictive maintenance deployments in as little as 14 days – guaranteed, without already having sensors or data capture in place.

With no hardware vendor lock-in and no existing sensor data required, the Starter Packs are perfect for quickly monitoring rotating and non-rotating general industrial machinery including motors, fans, and pumps.

The packs also allow organizations to easily scale up to a full or multi-site deployment when they’re ready, combining the Starter Packs with other data sources. Moreover, customers will also become eligible for Senseye’s ROI Lock®. This provides customers with a full refund if the savings achieved by avoiding unplanned downtime is less than the cost of Senseye PdM.

Senseye PdM is used by a growing number of industrial organizations, including top Fortune 500 companies, to monitor and predict asset condition automatically, at scale and in real-time. Organizations across a range of sectors have halved levels of unplanned downtime, streamlined spare-parts inventories, and cut maintenance costs by up to 40%. 

Simon Kampa, CEO of Senseye said “We often speak to potential customers that are very early on their predictive maintenance journey but are keen get started on a project to appreciate its potential and develop a broader business case."

“That’s why we have introduced Senseye PdM Starter Packs. Whether they have sensor data or not, organizations of all sizes can take a plug and play approach to data capture and start reaping the benefits of PdM in as short a time as possible.”

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About Senseye:

Senseye, headquartered in the UK with regional offices in Germany, France, USA, and Japan is a leading industrial solution company for AI driven Machine Health Management. Senseye helps global industrial organizations unlock savings through machine health optimization in key industries such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Heavy Industry and CPG / FMCG.

To learn more about how Senseye PdM Starter Pack could improve the day-to-day operation of your maintenance team, please get in touch. 

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