Jenae Townsend - International Women's Spotlight

International Women’s Week at Senseye 

During International Women’s Week, we want to put a spotlight on our female team members here at Senseye. Each day we will publish an interview with an inspirational woman and find out about their career journey, role models and aspirations. Senseye believes in maximizing effectiveness through multiple different data feeds. We also apply this to our people, in the belief that each person brings a valuable new skillset and new perspective to the team, enhancing effectiveness.  

In the spotlight: Jenae Townsend, based in Northwest Florida, US.


What is your role at Senseye, and what are your typical daily tasks and activities?

I am the Demand Generation Marketing Assistant, but I think of myself as the Senseye Brand Warrior. I work towards marketing and sales initiatives that aim to generate interest for Senseye's products and services and nurture and funnel high-fit prospects into customer leads. A typical day is anything but ordinary. I can go from monitoring multi-channel marketing campaigns to researching social media data, or you can find me collaborating with our US marketing and sales teams on ways to drive growth and awareness. The fantastic thing is the constant encouragement Senseye gives their employees to always seek out alternative processes for projects.

What has been your career journey to date?

My professional journey took a sidewinding path or two. After I graduated with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing Applications in 2009, I spent a good chunk of my career working in sales while earning my burgeoning stripes as a freelance social media consultant in the music industry. I decided to leave sales and management behind a few years ago to pursue marketing.

Living in Florida, I landed a great position with a well-known global property management company in their domestic marketing and business development team. When the pandemic hit the hospitality industry early last year, I was unfortunately in the crossfire of layoffs (as so many were). Luckily, after months of searching, I came across this position for Senseye. Two of my networks referred me, so I felt that was a sign. Fast forward and today I am working with a groundbreaking company, honing my skill set and bringing my vision to the world of predictive maintenance and condition monitoring. My father, the engineer, is so proud of that. 

Who would you consider a role model?

I have so many female role models that I look up to, especially when it comes to the women in my family. My mom is my true inspiration, and she is where I get a lot of my empathy and strength from. Along with some funky dance moves, but that's another story.

Outside of my family, one in particular that I have followed for years is New Zealand stuntwoman and actress Zöe Bell. She has broken many barriers in what was thought of as a male-dominated industry, and I love that she continues to do so. She always has this positivity and dedicated mindset that I genuinely admire, unfiltered and empowering. Her strong presence and work ethic inspire me. With the events of 2020, I recently rekindled my journey for a mind, body, and spirit reboot, and I use her as my guide to reach those goals.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I am a huge advocate for animals, having three beautiful big rescue dogs myself. I help out with many rescue organizations through volunteer efforts and raising pet adoption awareness. Before COVID, I was an avid concert-goer. Live music events were my happy place. Now I watch a lot of virtual music shows and try to support local artists of all mediums. I spend a lot of time reading and working on personal social media projects - one that includes working freelance for an online pet company that deals in parody rock clothing and goods for owners and their dogs. When I am not doing that, you can probably find me debating with friends on why Superman is the best overall superhero, checking out podcasts, or planning my next Halloween adventure. And I love watching old television mystery shows, where I compete with family on figuring out the endings before any of them.

Jenae Music

What do you hope to accomplish at Senseye?

I plan to be an integral part of what makes Senseye successful in global brand awareness, bringing out an alternative identity that best represents all that Senseye stands for in terms of progress and diversity and breaking new barriers in tech. A big goal for me is to be the chosen expert marketing leader within my professional role and an advocate for those who pursue outside-the-box approaches and ideas.