How Manufacturers Are Reaching New Heights With AI And Smart Factories

Telegraph and Microsoft

The manufacturing sector is one of the biggest adopters of artificial intelligence, but work still needs to be done to ensure all employees can use it effectively.

In a recent article by The Telegraph and sponsored by Microsoft, our Co-Founder and CEO Dr Simon Kampa, provided his insights and knowledge on how AI-based technologies such as predictive maintenance are having a large impact on the manufacturing sector, supporting them to move to the next reliability level without requiring an important deployment cost as opposed to other solutions.

He highlights how it allows companies to anticipate problems in factories linked to machinery and though even he feels that the full impact of AI is not yet being felt as most of the companies are “still in the first generation of AI”. Senseye supports companies to take full advantage of Industry 4.0, leveraging company legacy technology investment and connecting them to Senseye PdM and advanced AI solution supporting strategic manufacturing, maintenance and engineering objectives to decrease cost, optimize processes and improve safety, team efficiencies and production levels.

You can read more of what Senseye’s CEO has to say and other ways manufacturers are reaching new heights with AI and smart factories on The Telegraph article here

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