How IACP can help equipment manufacturers create a competitive advantage


What can we learn from IACP?

Integrated Asset Condition Performance (IACP) enables manufacturers of all sizes to offer Equipment as a Service (EaaS)–the provision of equipment as an OpEx service, rather than as a CapEx large outlay. It makes the relationship between equipment provider and customer longer term, revenue based, budgeted and without unpleasant surprises–it is designed to eliminate surprises completely.

Service and support are a routine operation, although not one that all equipment manufacturers undertake themselves.

After-sales support and maintenance services often look more like a cost center than a revenue earner. When machinery breaks down, it costs money. It costs the customer money in lost production and the manufacturer in higher-cost emergency support. That is there active model.


How can IACP help?

The old way of doing things–reacting to breakdowns on an individual basis–is like crawling through a dark tunnel. Unexpected failures lead to breakdowns, not just in the machinery but in relationships, too. Using IIoT-linked Senseye monitoring to manage predictive maintenance is proactive, more effective, improves customer satisfaction and saves money.

Using Endowance’s end-to-end integration makes accounting smoother and reduces the risk to the customer of unexpected costs. EaaS is known and an established offer in manufacturing.

In the purest case of IACP, the manufacturer continues to own the equipment and undertakes to provide the customer with the means to deliver whatever the machinery actually does: conveying of components, assembling of vehicles, finished bottles, packaged boxes, or flight, in the case of aero engines. It charges a regular fee for doing so and guarantees availability.


Key Benefits

Improved machine availability leads to better capacity planning and scheduling, for the customer manufacturer.

The equipment manufacturer escapes the expensive straitjacket of timetabled service–whether needed or not–and reactive support for breakdown. Senseye, which monitor show equipment is being run and ensures that it is being operated within specification, reduces the risk of breakdown caused by abuse. Equipment manufacturers can offer competitive and differentiating uptime guarantees, with full confidence.

This has the environmental sustainability benefit that the equipment’s use of consumables can be cut, service intervals can be extended and effective lifetime can be lengthened–by half or even more, depending on application and situation. It will continue to receive revenue while itself incurring less capital cost.

IACP offers customers a no-risk reason to upgrade operations and to move planning and maintenance from informed guesstimates to dependable, data-driven uptime, with benefits to capacity and scheduling. Equipment manufacturers can secure and boost their revenues, with reduced risk.

A win-win situation that applies modern technology to help boost revenue in an innovative and reliable way.

Find out more

For customers who are actively seeking higher levels of machine uptime, IACP is a critical strategic offering.

To download a copy of the Integrated Asset Condition Performance report, please click on the image below.

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