How Do I Keep My Factory Running In Light Of The Current Challenges?

The government is clear. Everyone who can, should work at home. But how can that work if you are a firm in manufacturing or heavy industry? Dr Simon Kampa, co-founder and CEO at Senseye, explains how AI powered Predictive Maintenance technologies can go a long way to help meet these challenges.

For companies on the front line of the current pandemic there is a dilemma. They are producing more than ever. By going beyond the machine builder’s recommended operating model they are taking further operational risks which leads to unplanned downtime and quality issues.

Those who are not considered part of the front line effort but still need to operate are challenged with lock-down policies. The need to reduce safety risks, meaning they must operate with less staff and need solutions to produce with fewer staff or with staff operating remotely.

Solutions are available for manufacturers. Cloud-based Predictive Maintenance can support over-productive and resource constrictive manufacturers.

Senseye PdM, for instance, allows users from any location (as it is cloud-based) to monitor a large number of varying production assets all at once. Managers can supervise the trends and be notified if signals of upcoming failures are recorded. A technician can then review the case and the machine expert can plan the repair work without stopping the production line. This proactive approach delivers strong results as it reduces unplanned downtime by up to 50% and reduces scrap, solving both the over-production and fewer staff challenges.

Flexibility, availability and understanding the current challenges by demonstrating proven solutions to monitor and access information remotely are what the CIOs and Manufacturers of today need to keep operating. Solutions must aid with the pressure of a reduced workforce, ensuring machines and processes run as efficiently as possible while guaranteeing staff’s health and customer satisfaction.

A shift from planned to cloud-based Predictive Maintenance will do just that.

Want to find out more about how Sensey PdM can help? Check out our white paper ‘Harness the Power of Prediction’ or book a demo of Senseye PdM today.