Free Prognostics White Paper

 Senseye, the Uptime as a Service company, has published a free white for manufacturers and asset owners about prognostics, the science of predicting when machines will stop being able to perform work. Senseye’s white paper is for operations and production managers and engineers who would like to learn how to improve their predictive maintenance programs by using the Industrial IoT and taking advantage of technologies beyond simple condition monitoring. 

The white paper goes into detail on a number of topics, icluding:

  • What prognostics is and how it can help manufacturers and asset owners
  • How the IoT and Industry 4.0 help predictive maintenance
  • How to implement a cost-effective prognostics project in three simple steps
  • How to evaluate a prognostics tool

201610_-_White_paper_-_Prognostics_the_future_of_Condition_Monitoring_-_1.png 201610_-_White_paper_-_Prognostics_the_future_of_Condition_Monitoring_-_3.png 201610_-_White_paper_-_Prognostics_the_future_of_Condition_Monitoring_-_4.png

Simon Kampa, CEO of Senseye says “With the ever greater amount and quality of data afforded by Industry 4.0, techniques such as prognostics are ready to come out of the academic world and into the commercial – to start helping manufacturers avoid unplanned downtime effectively.” 

Senseye’s product PROGNOSYS is revolutionising predictive maintenance by automating analysis of condition monitoring and enabling prognostics – diagnosing current and future failures, automatically. The software is cloud-based and easy to use, already trusted by Fortune 100 companies to help forecast failure, lower unplanned downtime and save operational costs. 

Download our prognostics white paper