Five Reasons We Support Remote Working at Senseye

By Simon Kampa, CEO of Senseye

A remote-working cartoon recently appeared in a business magazine. An exasperated CEO sits at her executive desk, on the phone. Harassed and understaffed, she tells her IT employee, “Well, we were kind of hoping you might work from work today.” The message was clear: remote working is good for staff, but bad for business.

At Senseye, we don’t subscribe to this point of view. Half of our staff work from home full-time, and it works well for them. What works for them also works for our fast-growing, global business.

Here are five main reasons why we promote flexibility and offer remote working at Senseye:

1. We attract the right talent from across the world.

As an engineering software company with a dedicated data science team, more than one-third of our employees work in our product development or product delivery. It means that we rely heavily on software engineers, as well as asset, maintenance, data engineers and most of all very smart people.

Great software engineers are hard to find and even harder to hire. Being able to recruit from any location allows us to access the broadest possible talent pool and helps us connecting with the best professionals worldwide. At Senseye, we have software engineers working remotely across the world. If we tried to recruit only from one unique location, we couldn't do it.

2. We listen to our employees.

Most software engineers want to work on intellectually challenging projects that they believe in. They want to deliver projects on their terms, when it suits them, and without bureaucracy.

Survey data shows that developers who work remotely tend to enjoy higher levels of job satisfaction than their office-based peers. Our own employee survey shows that remote working is a perk that Senseye’s people appreciate the most, due to its contribution to wellbeing and work balance.

Senseye challenges its software engineers based by pushing the boundaries of innovation constantly, to improve how we predict the unknown and calculate the remaining useful life for machines used in manufacturing, automotive, consumer packaged goods, FMCG and oil and gas production.

3. We build trust with our employees.

Our philosophy and values are built around our people: Clarity, Respect, Spirit.

Senseye employs brilliant people. Twenty-five percent of our employees have a PhD degree (or higher level, e.g. Associate Professor), while many more have engineering degrees and extensive experience in software, data, reliability, maintenance and asset management.

We don’t hire bright people to tell them what to do and how to do it. We believe in self-starters that are independent and able to work as part of a team.

We let our people define how to get the job done in a way and at a time that suits them, provided - of course - that this aligns to the required deadlines and overall corporate strategy.

This approach is one of the reasons why employee engagement is high, and staff turnover is low at Senseye.

4. We offer a better work-life balance.

At Senseye we believe that time spent outside of working hours is precious. Helping our employees enjoy a good work-life balance is one of our core objectives.

Time is the greatest asset we can give back to our employees, and avoiding the daily commute means our employees can devote more of their time to family, hobbies or other things that bring them joy.

The significance of time is reflected in other company initiatives we’ve created for our employees, such as Senseye Hack Life Days and Senseye Duvet Days.

5. It makes our people more productive.

A significant part of Senseye’s success is the fact that our people deliver outstanding work. To that end, we look to recruit the most talented people, regardless of location, and focus on fostering a great work-life balance. We believe that happy employees will be productive employees, and we regularly ask for feedback to monitor employee well-being.

Offering remote working allows our people to work in a way that suits them best, freeing them up to work hard - whether that is alone or collectively - to achieve our goals.

Spirit, respect and clarity help Senseye and our customers to innovate and unlock new opportunities.

This way, everyone wins. 

Learn more about Senseye's corporate initiatives for its employees: "Senseye Hack Life Days: Providing Time For Our Employees To Grow"