Senseye Predictive Maintenance in the automotive industry

Ever since the Ford Model T rolled off the production line over a hundred years ago, the automotive industry has led the world in efficiency and advanced management practices, as manufacturers continue to improve their products.

Extremely sensitive margins and incredibly complex supply chains mean there is an ongoing and pressing need to optimize processes for greater efficiency. What’s more, increasing competition and consolidation require the integration of global smart solutions with the familiar tools already used to manage production lines.


However, while increasingly efficient and lean production methods have brought about considerable change, maintenance strategies have remained largely consistent.

The failure of comparatively inexpensive assets can lead to millions of dollars in production losses and overtime costs if missed. But it can prove incredibly difficult to access and prioritize thousands of assets.

It’s vital, therefore, to find ways of understanding which assets require particular attention, especially given the limited timeframes involved. Doing so requires a proven, scalable, and trusted predictive maintenance system - Senseye PdM.

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Case study: Nissan

Nissan manufactures vehicles in 20 countries and areas around the world, including Japan, USA, Russia and the UK. Its global vehicle production volume exceeded 5.6 million in 2016, with products and services provided in more than 160 countries.

With an abundance of data and insufficient skilled resources to perform analysis, Nissan were keen to expand the benefits of using data to influence maintenance.

“Senseye is supporting our Predictive Maintenance program across multiple production facilities and has helped us lower overall downtime and increase OEE.”

Damian Wheeler | UK Engineering Director | Nissan
50% reduction in unplanned downtime
Working with Nissan globally since 2016
Two weeks to six months advance warning of asset failure
Delivered ROI in less than three months

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How Senseye Predictive Maintenance can help


Example assets: motors, gearboxes, drop lifters, robots (paint, welding, and part movement), conveyors, overhead chains, compressors, pallets, telescopes, AGVs

  • More efficient and targeted preventative maintenance activities, such as oil sample analysis
  • Asset lifetime extension - lean preventative maintenance schedules based on condition monitoring evidence within Senseye PdM
  • Reduction in labor effort to diagnose, rectify and document issues
  • Reduced unplanned downtime and overtime to make up for production losses


The Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Automotive Sector

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What makes Senseye PdM unique?

Proven global case studies having worked in the sector since 2016
Already in use on tens of thousands of automotive industry assets concurrently
Senseye monitors and has examples of every kind of asset in use in an automotive OEM and part-production facility
Empowers small maintenance and digital acceleration teams to knowledgeably direct maintenance effort and focus
Patented technology allows Senseye to automatically create and manage models for each unique asset
Makes use of existing data already captured

Find out how Senseye helps global automotive companies to:

  • Improve maintenance efficiency by up to 55%

  • Reduce unplanned downtime by up to 50%

  • Contribute to cost-savings by extending lifetime of assets

  • Enable better remote monitoring of assets

  • Demonstrate evidence of cost savings

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Choose the best Predictive Maintenance software


Senseye has demonstrated a rapid ROI of less than three months in the Automotive industry and guarantees success through ROI Lock® - promising a full return on investment within 12 months or your money back.

Senseye can offer this as we have a depth of experience in theAutomotive industry - one of the first we were involved with - covering thousands of diverse assets across the globe. Senseye’s technology can deal with various types of assets. To back it up, our team is comprised of expert condition monitoring and mechanical engineers who will guide your project to success.


Senseye PdM treats each asset uniquely. Each asset has its own unique models and associations – an impossible task to complete manually. Due to the way Predictive Maintenance works with Senseye , this is taken care of automatically, with relevant information shared across thousands of machines. Our APIs are open and free for our customers to use to integrate into their existing Enterprise Asset Management systems.

What’s more, you don’t need to interrupt a production run to install sensors in order to enjoy the benefits of Senseye PdM. The application can often make use of process data already being collected and stored by your existing system - further increasing both your ROI and your ability to deploy rapidly. Much of the modern machinery in automotive production lines is IP-addressable and the machine controllers are already capable of collecting condition monitoring information that Senseye can use. We can even help extract this data as part of a turnkey solution.


A safe and stable product engineered to the highest standards means Senseye is trusted by Automotive giants around the world. Senseye is ISO 90001 and 27001 certified, and we take security extremely seriously. Our product and its APIs are regularly independently audited.

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