sensei |’sen,sā, sen’sā| noun (pl.same) (in martial arts) a teacher.
ORIGIN Japanese, from sen ‘previous’ + sei ‘birth.’

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Senseye™, derived from ‘Sensei’ (先生), signifies guidance and authority, something that inspires our company.

Trusted by Fortune 500 industrial companies, Senseye™ is the leading cloud-based product for Predictive Maintenance 4.0. It is used by maintenance teams to half unplanned downtime and increase maintenance efficiency, saving money by using proprietary machine-learning algorithms to automatically forecast machine failure and remaining useful life, achieving a typical ROI of less than 3 months.

Below we’ve outlined some of the key areas of our business, including Partners, Investors and Careers.


To ensure that our customers can choose the correct solutions for them, Senseye works openly with leading providers of industrial solutions, including SIEMENS, SKF, GE, Schneider Electric and PTC ThingWorx.


The right investors are key to our continued success. We use the latest Machine Learning and IIoT technologies to put unplanned downtime down.


Each member of our team brings their own unique skills, knowledge and experience from years within their respective industries. Come and meet the faces that make up Senseye.

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We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals around the world to join our ever-expanding team. Take a look at our job board to see what roles are currently available.


From single site organisations to multi-geography Fortune 500s, Senseye works with leading manufacturing and industrial companies.

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