Trusted by Fortune 500 industrial companies, Senseye™ is the leading cloud-based product for Predictive Maintenance 4.0. It is used by maintenance teams to halve unplanned downtime and increase maintenance efficiency, saving money by using proprietary machine-learning algorithms to automatically forecast machine failure and remaining useful life, achieving a typical ROI of less than 3 months.

Driven by Industry 4.0 / the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), industrial operations are increasingly autonomous. Factories contain numerous sensors that provide real-time data on the status of production and machinery to optimise operations. Welcome to the fourth Industrial Revolution.

Senseye is your operations tool for reducing unplanned machine downtime and increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


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the need for manual inspections and spares inventory

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abnormalities and understand machine Remaining Useful Life

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a successful predictive maintenance program

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Proven expertise & pedigree

The founders of Senseye honed their condition monitoring expertise in the Aerospace and Defense industries, using that learning to lead the growth of Senseye to over 15,000 machines globally, ingesting more than 1 million data points per minute, across hundreds of different machine-types, all automatically. Senseye helps Fortune 500 organizations across a wide variety of industries to save tens of millions of dollars in unplanned downtime and maintenance efficiency every week.

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Cost Effective

Senseye is sold as Software as a Service (SaaS), with a scalable pricing model and a Return On Investment (ROI) of typically less than 4 months.

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PdM 4.0 for the maintenance professional, at Enterprise Scale

Distilling its expertise into proprietary IP, Senseye uses the latest developments in Machine-Learning to achieve PdM 4.0; leveraging the cloud to provide an enterprise-scale yet easy to use Operational Technology (OT) tool which automates the analysis of detection, diagnostics and uniquely, prognostics (Remaining Useful Life). This gives you and your team on the shop floor accurate and relevant machine health insights to improve maintenance efficiency across tens to thousands of assets, without requiring in-house data science expertise.

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Specialists not required

Senseye is Operations Technology (OT), designed to automate the analysis of detection, diagnostics and prognostics to give accurate and useful machine health insights for the team on the shop floor.

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Senseye integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure investments, using data captured by your factory historian or IoT middleware to understand the future health of your machinery. The process is entirely automated, so there is no need for extensive condition monitoring or knowledge to get it up and running. By collecting key data such as abnormal vibrations, current or pressure and temperature fluctuations, the system generates machine behaviour models automatically, which can then be used in your on-going predictive maintenance efforts.

Condition Indicators

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Senseye uses Condition Indicators collected from your machinery and stored in your factory historian or IoT middleware platform. The condition indicators used can be from vibration, temperature, current, acoustic, pressure and other sensor systems, either captured by the machine PLC or retrofitted.

Other Data Sources

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Current (and if available) past data is utilised by the system and combined with asset maintenance information to automatically build prognostics models, allowing you to monitor the Remaining Useful Life of your machinery. Senseye uses the same levels of encryption as modern banks and needs only one-way communication.

Senseye Automation

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There’s no need to have a technical background in condition monitoring; Senseye is completely automated and can integrate with your existing maintenance management systems. This means that you’re able to focus your maintenance efforts on the areas that need the most attention.

Machine Health Calculation

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Using condition monitoring detection and diagnostics techniques as well as prognostics models, Senseye calculates the health and Remaining Useful Life of your machinery. This calculation is based on a series of algorithms, which are constantly in operation to watch over your assets.

Insights and Alerts

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Insights and alerts are generated and delivered to relevant organisation members, with information about matching failure modes and likely Remaining Useful Life. With this information, Predictive Maintenance can be effectively performed.


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